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How to Lift Like a Girl

How to Lift Like a Girl

Beginner Strength Training 101

How to Get Maximum Results & Build a Better Body

Proper, progressive strength training is the ultimate way for women to build a leaner, stronger, and all around amazing physique.

I’m going to prove it to you and show you how you can start building the body you want TODAY.

And I’m going to tell you a little secret. Being a beginner when it comes to strength training is awesome. That’s because, as a beginner, you can make incredibly fast progress. Not only is this very motivating, but it means you can get MORE results in LESS time.

As long as you train properly, which we’ll cover in a moment.

Why Women Should Strength Train

First, we must address the question, Why should women strength train? For 8 amazing, indisputable, and not-so-common answers, please read 8 Reasons Women Should Strength Train.

That’ll get you fired up and ready to start building a better body in an enjoyable way.

How to Strength Train for the Best Results

If you want to save yourself a ton of time, frustration, and even injury, you need to follow some basic guidelines.

And, if you do things correctly from the very beginning, you’ll achieve significantly better results in much less time.

Please refer to:

THE Women’s Beginner Strength Training Guide – get the 7 critical notes for beginner strength trainees, a sample workout program, and exercise demonstrations.

11 Beginner Strength Training Tips for Women – need more tips for your new strength training journey? Here are 11 of them!

Those two articles will provide all the information you need to start strength training properly today, and excellent results will follow.

Avoid These Beginner Mistakes

Make sure you set yourself up for success from the very beginning of your strength training journey. These next few articles will not only put you on the fast track to building a  better body, but it will allow you to do so while having fun, regaining your sanity, and saving you a ton of frustration.

The Weight on the Barbell is Important – Not the Scale – In that article you’ll discover something that’s crucial to your success. Bottom line: focus on the weight on the barbell and not the scale.

The Bare Essentials Produce Extraordinary Results – all too often most people complicate health and fitness. But it’s not that complicated and this articles explain why (and how!) the bare essentials will allow you to achieve (and maintain) extraordinary results. You’ve save yourself a lot of time and frustration too when you harness the power of the essentials.

Jordan Ashleigh
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