Jordan Ashleigh | Testimonials
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Joanna Hastings

Jordan taught me the science behind eating the correct daily amounts of proteins, carbs, and fats and how doing so can positively can affect the body.  I saw muscle growth and strength that I never had experienced before!  The body works in amazing ways and I never would have learned this without the help of Jordan and her expertise.  She kept me motivated and informed throughout the whole process.  Jordan rocks!

Brittany Dotson

I signed up with Jordan to help me prepare for a specific event. What I got instead was a lifelong coach who helped me overcome issues I had buried for years.
The first thing I noticed when starting with Jordan was how individualized she made everything. She didn’t just give me a 12 week program and leave me hanging. She customized MY program for ME. At each check in, it wasn’t just about the scale. It was about my mental state as well, which is a first for me as a client that has had other coaches in the past.


With that being said, I felt comfortable telling her that I dealt with binge eating in the past and was having issues with it again, not because of restriction of food, but it was there nonetheless.


She talked to me, have me some advice and told me she was going to help me overcome this. She continues to do that to this day. If you want someone that doesn’t really see you as as person and gives you a cookie cutter program….Jordan probably isn’t the coach for you. If you’re looking for a coach that not only sees you as a person but truly cares about your health in all areas, takes time to listen, and gives you the best results you’ll ever get….Jordan is your coach.

Lauren Kotler

Working with Jordan really opened my eyes. I considered myself pretty educated about fitness and nutrition, I have an a Bachelors degree in exercise science. However, even with my background, I learned so much from her. Jordan combines knowledge with humor and was so much fun to work with. I originally signed up with Jordan because I wanted the accountability, but I quickly realized she had a lot of knowledge to offer and I’m so glad I listened! My body composition definitely improved from working with her and I’ve never been happier with how I look AND perform!

Kristyn Popp

After trying so many binge-eating/starvation diets; where I would lose all my muscle and end up gaining the weight back even faster than I lost it…I needed to change. I needed something that would allow me to enjoy life, all different foods, and a way to not feel guilty when I did eat a piece of cake at a birthday, or drink a glass alcohol at a cookout. Jordan from Jordan Ashleigh Fitness was the saving grace! She took time to know my past habits, my past dieting, my body shape, my workout routines, etc. She then created a personalized nutrition and workout plan.


I am now stronger than I have ever been, I am eating double if not triple what I was eating in my past diets yet losing weight, and I no longer call this a diet. This is a lifestyle and has been such an enjoyable and noticeable change. Not only has my body changed, but my attitude towards food has changed, and I no longer beat myself up; I just plan ahead for the fun goodies. Jordan is amazing! And I can’t thank her enough for changing my life/eating habits.

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