Jordan Ashleigh | About
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About Me


My journey to where I’m at today probably started out much like yours did. At a young age I experienced insecurities, being surrounded by girls who were effortlessly athletic and in shape had me constantly picking myself apart. I spent majority of my high school years riding horses instead of playing school sports. Although I poured as much blood, sweat and tears into riding as any girl on the lacrosse or soccer team, I was continuously told I was not an athlete. To this day, I clearly remember girls challenging me to sprints because they knew they could beat me, leaving me to wonder if I was simply kept around to booster their self esteem.




Moving to a new town gave me the opportunity to create an identity I was proud of. I wanted to embody strength both mentally and physically, so I threw myself into fitness. I read all the fitness magazines, cut out their workouts, and followed the clean eating meal plans. Before long I was sporting that effortless athletic physique myself I had always admired from afar. I became so obsessed with fitness and being “healthy” that I was oblivious to the fact that it was controlling my life. My diet was so restrictive friends stopped inviting me social events, or if I did attend, I’d have anxiety and guilt over eating something that wasn’t “certified organic, gluten free and non GMO with no added sugars”. I’d often complete a strenuous workout following the consumption of anything I didn’t consider “clean”. The worst part is that I thought I was SO healthy, almost in an elitist way. I was better than other people because I didn’t eat food from a package. The things I wish I could say to that girl now.



Fortunately, while earning my degree in exercise science, I became heavily interested in the science behind nutrition and metabolism. I started reading published studies instead of Shape magazine cover to cover. I attribute much of my acquired knowledge of nutrition, to Layne Norton, who introduced me to flexible dieting and busted every nutrition myth my self righteous self ever believed. Over the years I’ve redefined my belief of what’s healthy, become an accomplished bikini competitor, and serious athlete. While my passion for nutrition and fitness are strong, what drives me is the opportunity I have with each client, to change their life. My greatest accomplishment lies in making a positive impact in the fitness industry, by providing my clients with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed.

Now that you know me better, get to know my programs!